“I have studied and used these tools for nearly 30 years in the markets, now I have created an easy way to gain a solid understanding of their meaning and application.”

Alan Oliver.


Finally, we now set the examples from Gann’s era on modern markets using these fabulous tools, explained in detail for beginners and experts alike…

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With clear, precise but simple step by step instructions, nobody does more to help you master these fabulous trading tools. Our traders receive regular weekly video reports (some basic examples are at the bottom of this page). Additionally all Members have direct email contact wherein our policy is to reply to every query within 24 hours or next working day. There are NO ONGOING FEES, once you become a member you have Lifetime access. You can sign up today to be the first to see these reports and more market insights.

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Who was this legendary trader who was independently witnessed making over 90% winning trades?
Read the full fascinating story of one of Wall Streets greatest traders and innovators here. You may never have heard of William Delbert Gann but his remarkable record is still discussed today amongst traders of all levels.


The W.D.Gann story

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The Simple Trader

by Michael Colantoni

After 40 years of study, research, practice, analysis and trading, Michael Colantoni has decided to document and offer his experience and his view of trading as a simple occupation based on simple principles. As a Gann, Elliott and momentum trader Michael shows that these tools, and others, can be applied simply, clearly and confidently.