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Finally, a mechanical method that really works…


Three Gold Keys is the ultimate mechanical ( pre-drawn buy and sell signals) trading strategy that combines the power of Gann swing charts with modern tools to help you identify profitable trading opportunities. 

After 30 years of trading, this is the best mechanical method I have seen…and it works on your market. Guaranteed.

Gann trading made simple


W.D. Gann Created many remarkable Trading Tools – Now explained simply for everyone to understand.


You'll get access to in-depth explanation videos that walk you step by step through Gann's tools as well as examples.


The very best support includes Free Weekly Reports, Articles, Examples, and Responses to queries within 24 hours.


With clear, precise but simple step by step instructions, nobody does more to help you master these fabulous trading tools. Our traders receive regular weekly video reports (some basic examples are at the bottom of this page). Additionally all Members have direct email contact wherein our policy is to reply to every query within 24 hours or next working day. There are NO ONGOING FEES, once you become a member you have Lifetime access.

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Who was this legendary trader who was independently witnessed making over 90% winning trades?
Read the full fascinating story of one of Wall Streets greatest traders and innovators here. You may never have heard of William Delbert Gann but his remarkable record is still discussed today amongst traders of all levels.

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What Our Happy Customers Say About Trading with Gann Programs

"Alan Oliver leaves no stone unturned when it comes to thoroughly researching stock markets and passing his extensive knowledge and findings to his members of "Stockmarket Prophets." Alan is extremely approachable and is always willing to assist for an understanding of Technical Analysis. His regular trading lessons and zoom meetings are highly appreciated by members and demonstrates his tremendous energy to the benefit of members."

Colin Rigbye

"I can't speak highly enough of Alan Oliver. He has been so helpful since our first meeting in 2012. If you are serious about becoming a trader then I highly recommend doing the Trading With Gann modules. When Alan says he provides support to clients he means what he says. Alan's greatest attribute is his honesty. Thank you again Alan for putting together these amazing weekly reports and module courses."

Phil Lynagh

“For many years I studied Gann through books and the internet but I never really understood how to turn the knowledge into actions. When I started Alan’s courses I started to understand and after I repeated them a few times I found that I seemed to know more than the many experts online. When I am asked about learning Gann I advise folk to forget the rest and just go to Alan Oliver.”

Keith Mundy

"An immense resource. I endorse Alan Oliver‘s leading-edge service of Trading DNA and Astro Series. It is a highly incisive exposition of W.D.Gann’s strategy know-how in Trading markets. Wholly worth the serious trader’s ‘Investment in Time’."

Justin Coen

“I was introduced to Alan Oliver by friend quite some years ago and like they said to me “They could not believe how helpful Alan was with no sales pressure at all”

I only wish I had been smart enough to use his information and knowledge much sooner. Alan is a rare find, someone who is eager to help others to learn and educate themselves without feeling like you have to spend more money."

Glen Stallbaum

"Alan has a very detailed knowledge of Gann’s methodologies and provides weekly videos demonstrating many of those techniques in the various investment markets. He is an excellent presenter and has a natural ability to be able to cover complex material in a simple and easy to understand way. Alan also makes his time readily available to assist with any issues or questions that may arise to help you further in your understanding the material."

Stephen Burns

"The study of Gann concepts and techniques is intriguing, stimulating and rewarding. Alan Oliver’s expert guidance is invaluable and the community spirit amongst his subscribers terrific. I am enjoying the journey and look forward to more of Alan’s generous sharing of his knowledge and hard work."

Chris Heyworth

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The Simple Trader

by Michael Colantoni

After 40 years of study, research, practice, analysis and trading, Michael Colantoni has decided to document and offer his experience and his view of trading as a simple occupation based on simple principles. As a Gann, Elliott and momentum trader Michael shows that these tools, and others, can be applied simply, clearly and confidently.