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Zoom Monthly Recordings

Below you will find the weekly reports in chronological order. You can filter using the buttons below.

Zoom Monthly

August 2022

Hello everyone, another great day on the charts… We looked at Telix and how to manage a trade where substantial unrealised profits exist. Michael Colantoni

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July 2022

Hello everyone, what a great session. We looked at Intraday trading using me new account with TD365 based in the Bahamas. The Telix chart shows

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Easter report 2022

Hello everyone, Due to the short working week(s) over Easter, I have appended an email and my reply for your consideration. John was asking questions

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March 2022

Hello everyone, in this months meeting we focus on some basics we have to have correct and perfected if we wish to make the Gann

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January 2022

Hello everyone, welcome to the Zoom meeting January 29, 2022. For those who attended the live session, I hope this was enjoyable and enlightening. We

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November 2021

Well, this was the last meeting for 2021 and what a year it has been .Next year promises to be very volatile as inflation and

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October 2021

This month we look at my ANZ trade and why it is necessary to watch a current trade for threats to our position. In my

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September 25 2021

This month we look at Optuma signals and new developments, in particular the Trend Swing chart as opposed to a Bar swing chart. This Trend

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July 31 2021

This month we look at Gann fan angles and a document Gann called the Basis for My Forecasting. The workbook and related documents are posted

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June 26, 2021

The session was recorded directly to my hard drive, there was no errors in processing but the side bar showing some participants did hide the

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