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Finally, clear, simple, step by step instructions into W.D.Gann’s most impressive tools

Looking for an edge in the markets?

W.D. Gann, the legendary trader and inventor of revolutionary stock market tools has helped traders achieve success for decades.

With over 50 years of trading experience, Gann theory trading is a unique  approach that allowed him to predict market trends and identify profitable opportunities with incredible accuracy. His tools, including the Gann Fan, Square of Nine, Swing charts, Time counts, Gann Financial Astrology, Gann Fan Angles and so much more have become essential tools in the trading community, helping traders make informed decisions and achieve consistent profits.

But Gann’s legacy extends far beyond his ground-breaking tools. He was a master trader, famous for his ability to turn small investments into vast fortunes. His trading strategies and insights into market psychology have inspired traders for generations, and his teachings continue to be relevant and valuable to this day.

So, if you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, look no further than W.D. Gann. With his innovative tools and timeless trading techniques, he can help you achieve your financial goals and become a successful trader.

Some of the books and courses Gann wrote referred to markets and charts that have long gone, and learning from these books can be very difficult.

Today, we have streaming video lessons based on local, current markets that clearly show the Gann tools at work, with simple, step by step explanations. The power of these tools becomes quickly evident and in no time at all, you can make educated, informed decisions on any market you choose to trade.

The Trading with Gann complete package contains all items listed below:

Section 1 The Trading DNA package:

Three Gold Keys is my adaptation of the Gann’s mechanical instructions with the swing chart. Using today’s modern technology of software, moving averages and more we have fine-tuned these excellent tools. Many traders have written advising they have now adopted TGK as their sole method of trading. This is where you should start your Gann education. Once you have these rules clear in your mind you can then start slowly trading markets and proceed onto the balance of the training.

The Fibonacci Series, nature’s own mathematical code for building. This code exists right under our nose in the markets and will expose excellent opportunities in all markets.

Square of 9 is Gann’s use of an old diagram found in the pyramids of Egypt and inside temples in India. It uses Time and Price via a specific mathematical formula, and it is well worth the effort to learn this tool.

Time is a section covering Gann’s unique timing methods, these were his real edge in trading and assisted him with his legendary forecasts. You will soon see why…

Price covers Gann’s use of specific numbers and ratios to find important levels of reversal well before the rest of the trading public.

Patterns covers market movements in bars which indicate or allude to the next movement or direction in a market. These are valuable clues that the best traders know.

Gann Fan angles look at Gann’s use of geometry, using trendlines at a pre-determined rate to find where Time and Price balance and thus can create a reversal.

This Trading DNA section can be purchased separately, and more information and purchase options can be found here:

W.D.Gann was also considered an expert Astrologer, and leading businessmen from all over the US came to him to obtain timing and business advice. His study of Planetary cycles relating to market conditions is outstanding and he created several unique tools to focus on markets reacting to these obscure cycles.

For those traders wanting more information on this area we have created simple, step by step instructions into these tools.

Section 2: The Gann Astrology Series:

In the Astrology Series, we discover Gann theory Astrology trading with a  unique and exceptional use of astrology and Planetary cycles, with chapters being:

Planetary angles or trendlines,

  • Aspects between Planets and Price,
  • Aspects between Planets,
  • Lunar cycles,
  • Wheel of 24,
  • Negative Time,
  • Seasonal dates,
  • Heliocentric and Geocentric values
  • Eclipses… and so much more, with almost 30 chapters of simple instructions this superb body of work will become your greatest advantage over other traders.

This Gann Astrology section can be purchased separately, and more information and purchase options can be found here:

Whether you obtain the Complete Gann package, or the Trading DNA and Gann Astrology sections separately, we have FREE support for life to help you when and if you may require it.

Free Lifetime support:

To assist and support you in your studies, you will have access to:

FREE Weekly reports

Each week a new report will be delivered to the website to give you an up-to-date example. I will send you an email when this report is ready for viewing on the website. Where possible, you may wish to recreate the chart and this way you get used to applying the tools and can see clearly the fabulous opportunities.

FREE Direct Email support:

You are very welcome to send in any emails requesting further guidance or assistance in any area of your study. These emails form the basis of our ongoing weekly reports and meetings and we encourage all our members to ask for assistance as and when required.

These emails are answered personally by Alan Oliver and are promptly responded to within 1 business day.

FREE Zoom meetings:

As an additional measure of support, you may now wish to access Zoom meetings every month. The meetings are exclusively for all owners of the Trading DNA series and/or the Gann Astrology Series. The current schedule is for the last Saturday of the month (excluding December, of course) starting at midday Brisbane Australia time and should last no longer than 2 hours. The meeting will be recorded for future references in case you cannot join live. I will send you an invite to join the meeting, though you must have downloaded and installed the Zoom app on your PC, tablet, smartphone etc…

These meetings are invaluable for you to keep up to date and to learn from other traders’ experiences.

Software packages:

The education videos have been designed to explain not only the fabulous tools and techniques, but the basis for their construction. Traders do not require specific software as the formulas for each section are laid out manually, but for those who want to implement these tools easily and effortlessly we thoroughly recommend Optuma software which we have used for decades. This is undoubtedly the best Gann package available today and if you require further information click the link on the Home page.

Bulk package discount:

For those traders who wish to obtain a generous bulk discount by purchasing the complete Gann package, the prices are listed below.

Trading DNA package price is $2495 AUD

Gann Astrology Series is $2795 AUD

Purchasing both sections separately is $5290 but with the Bulk discount for the Complete Gann package reduces the price to $4495 AUD and with this one-time membership with no ongoing costs, fees or renewals you will obtain access to:

  • The Fibonacci Series for the Modern Trader
  • Three Gold Keys
  • Square of 9
  • Trading DNA package
  • Gann astrology Series Part 1
  • Gann Astrology Series Part 2
  • Gann Master Class
  • Day Trader 101 and Sound of Money.
  • Free lifetime access to weekly reports and updates
  • Free direct email support with the author Alan Oliver
  • Free access to Zoom meetings and recordings

The Complete Gann package is online and ready for you to start right now. Your trading analysis will noticeably improve and continue to develop as you step through these remarkable tools left behind by one of the great market masters, W.D.Gann.

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