Day Trading 101

How I doubled my account in 30 days with a very simple trading plan

Introducing Day Trading 101…or

How I doubled my account in 30 days.

It’s been a pleasure and a lot of satisfaction for me in the last 20+ years to help people learn the fabulous trading tools and techniques left behind by W.D.Gann. I know how good these tools are and they have helped so many traders turn losses into profits.

One question always comes up from new traders: “How much do I need to trade with and how much can I expect to make from trading?”

And of course there is no answer to this question. It all depends on several important factors.

So I set out to see what I could do to show that trading can be profitable, provided you have the necessary knowledge, capital, and patience to tackle the professionals trading against you.

On July 8 2022 I opened a new broking account and deposited $5000, I lost a little bit on the banking process so I did a quick trade to get my cost back! Then, over the next 30 days right up till August 6, I traded this account and got the balance to $10,085.59. That’s 100% return in one month.

The increase was purely trading profits, no cash deposits were made. You can see the weekly broker statements at the bottom of this page.

I displayed this result to my trading group in our regular free monthly Zoom meeting and I have now received numerous requests for detailed explanations on how to replicate this.

Inside this video you will see everything you need to know:

  • Platforms
  • Software
  • Live Data
  • Brokers
  • Leverage or Margin trading
  • Markets and best ones for Day trading
  • Techniques and Strategies, Plans to trade…

It’s all here and explained in plain simple easy to follow step by step video instructions for any level of trader, from advanced to beginners.

But I also wanted to make this the best offering anyone could ask for, so:

To assist you and support your learning curve, I will answer all your email questions within 24 hours or the next working day. This is a feature that has been the hallmark of my effort to help traders learn the Gann tools. But not only that…

Is this a first for trading…?

A Money Back guarantee on the purchase price:

Here is the fine print:

First, you must study the very few and simple rules I lay out for you in the video. Then BEFORE you put real money into trading these rules, you test this on any liquid market ( a liquid market is one that has consistent trading every trading day, not like penny dreadful stocks that may not trade for 2 or 3 days at a time). Any market like an Index (S&P500, Nasdaq, ASX200 etc), Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Futures etc…. You must test this in the main trading time zone for that market i.e. S&P 500 from 9:30am to 4 pm US session.

If you find the techniques I lay out in my training do not work in your testing, send me the charts of the market you tested and if you are correct I will refund your purchase price in full. Guaranteed.

I know these rules work, because the statements below, showing real trading with real money, prove beyond doubt that it can be done. Its up to you to put in the time and effort to see if you can replicate my results.

The full purchase price for Day Trading 101 is $995 AUD,  and includes 24/7 access to the video instruction set, a lifetime no cost direct line of support to me, and any guidance or assistance you may require. Please use the Paypal buttons at the bottom of the page to secure your access to the video instructions.

Bonus offer  : The Sound of Money FREE with Day Trading purchase 

Gann often spoke and wrote about “vibrations” and “harmony” in markets. So as a very subtle clue we should decipher this and realise the definition of sound is Vibration through impulse waves…

Gann did not leave any written clues on his “vibration” method, so for decades we have been left guessing what this might be. This Sound of Money video will certainly answer the questions of Vibration in Price.

The most recent market major low in the S&P 500 was 2191.86 on March 23 2000. This price, when subject to the Sound of Money vibrations, dictated a major scale would end at 4822. The S&P recent major top January 4th was 4818, only 4 points away from this vibration target from where it has now fallen 600 points.

The Sound of Money and its application is somewhat similar to the Fibonacci series but with a very powerful difference. It uses the vibration of a high or low price and predicts support and resistance levels for future trading prices. These levels can be potent for weeks, months and even years into the future. It can be used on all markets, Indices, Forex, Commodities…with sensational results.

It is especially good for long term position traders. The examples within the video quickly show why this information is a must have for serious market traders.

I know this information will be a serious addition to your trading analysis and I hope to hear of your excellent results.

The videos come with my standard level of service: all emails and requests for support are answered by next working day, and this is free for life. There are no other costs or fees after you purchase, so please tell your trading friends about the level of material and service I provided. I hope you will see that my service after purchase is first class and unequalled in trading.

With my very best wishes to your success,

Alan Oliver.

Below are the trading statements mentioned in the text above. I have removed my company name and address identification, but the first page of each statement showing date and balance is unedited. Note no deposits were made, the increase in account is solely from closed trades.

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