2 thoughts on “The Fibonacci Review 20170818

  1. David Roberts says:

    WOW subsequently failed to go through the high on 5 May, after bottoming on 23 June and then rallying and looking good when you did your review but then reversing on 25 Aug at the same level of 5 May ie a new resistance level. where to from here?

  2. alan says:

    Hi David,

    What was very interesting here is that you have highlighted a subtle yet extremely powerful area in this chart.
    The top August 23 at 27.75 is exactly 288 ( 2 x 144) from the last major low 24.87 June 21. So here we have a repeat of the 144 sequence which is a very powerful signal.

    On this chart, important dates are Sep 5 and 29 and Oct 25 and Nov 2
    Prices to watch are 26.31, 26.65, 25.83 25.35 and 25.24

    Any combination of the dates and these prices will create a volatile move.

    Wow looks like it is going to higher prices but it may have a counter trend in the next couple of days and then create a higher low which is where a lot of buyers will come back.

    Hope this helps,
    Alan Oliver

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