The Fibonacci Series

Tap into the power
of the Fibonacci sequence and it's natural levels to
enhance your trading and results

The Fibonacci series, sometimes known as the Golden Ratio or the Law of 3, is a key part of my trading activity. I have amazed many traders with the results from this tool even on huge Forex markets. Reactions to Fibonacci levels can lead to incredible trades. Many traders may be aware of the Fibonacci retracement tool, it is a common standard industry tool. However, Gann stated at one time that the number 144 was his greatest discovery in trading, and this number is an exact Fibonacci number. The lead he left was that the numbers themselves can be very significant in both Time and Price. For well over 15 years I have produced a weekly Fibonacci report demonstrating examples of Fibonacci in Time and Price creating significant and tradable reversals.

Explained in simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions the Fibonacci ratios can provide very important Support and Resistance prices well ahead of time. This is an easy start to the more complex tools you will learn below.

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