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Finally, clear, simple, step by step instructions into W.D Gann’s most impressive trading tools…

History has shown that W.D.Gann created some very unique tools and techniques, yet none has captured so much attention or debate as his work using planets as indicators and signals to buy and sell into markets.

W.D. Gann was not only a Mason but the head of a Masonic Chapter or Lodge, and as such he was bound to keep the secrets and knowledge of the Masons. Whilst he maintained his oath of secrecy, he did leave behind some cryptic clues which pointed others in the right direction so that by their own research they could uncover the signals which can create major market reversals.

In almost 30 years of trading I have researched these signals. Now finally completing my studies on these incredible tools and signals I am excited to present this knowledge to you ina away that will enhance your analysis of markets.

In my opinion, after all my research, the Planets definitely influence markets, a fact I will prove beyond any doubt.

In my early research I have read literally hundreds of pages of material devoted to making Astrology work, but in almost every case they fall into the one major mistake that Gann warned against. Astrology, in itself, is not the answer to successful market analysis. Lets review his clue from an interview he did in 1919:

“That is why astrology fails, for nothing can be accurate that is not based on mathematics – and so few astrologers are mathematicians.” – WD GANN  1919 

So here we have a very typical cryptic clue that Astrology doesn’t work, but the numbers behind it are the key. Now these instructional videos will prove the mathematics which are simple to learn yet extremely powerful. It is important to stress that we are not learning Astrology per se, we are focusing on learning tools to improve our trading results.

In this practical trading guide, we explain the tools then show real examples of the concepts on trading charts:

Part 1:

  • Chapter 1   The Planets
  • Chapter 2   The Zodiac
  • Chapter 3   Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 4   Retrograde illusion
  • Chapter 5   Helion Transits
  • Chapter 6   Seasonal dates
  • Chapter 7   The Ephemeris
  • Chapter 8   Price by Degrees
  • Chapter 9   Planets to Price
  • Chapter 10   Price by Degrees continued
  • Chapter 11   Market Analyst 8
  • Chapter 12    Eclipses
  • Chapter 13   Geocentric vs Heliocentric
  • Chapter 14   Seasonal Dates continued

Part 2 continues with more in-depth analysis:

  • Chapter 15   Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 16   More Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 17   Helion Transits
  • Chapter 18   Gann’s September Wheat Trade
  • Chapter 19   The Moon
  • Chapter 20   Planetary Angles
  • Chapter 21   Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 22   Price by Circle
  • Chapter 23   Time by Planetary Degrees
  • Chapter 24   The Other Tunnel Thru the Air cover
  • Chapter 25   The Final Word
  • Bonus Chapter  Gann’s Wheel of 24 

  • Bonus Chapter  Time by Aspect ( Wheel of 24 Part 2)

  • Bonus Chapter  Negative Time

The Gann Astrology Series is simple easy step by step instructions on video so that you can learn at your own pace. These are the instructions that Gann left in letters and on charts, painstakingly decoded from his cryptic clues and explained in simple basic format on charts in our modern, volatile markets.

Why does Gold react to Jupiter Mars signals? Why does the Dow Jones Index and Mercury dance in perfection? What are the incredible signals that Saturn and Mercury give years in advance to highlight major market reversal dates? Why does Hang Seng  ( Hong Kong stocks) react to Neptune so accurately and reliably? Why did the GBPUSD forex market make a major high July 2014 and how could we have known this would happen over 20 years ago?? Only The Gann Astrology Series can answer these for you in plain simple understandable terms so that you are  ready for future setups.

The instructions show you how to calculate these signals manually but we thoroughly recommend Optuma software which has these tools already created and functioning perfectly. Saves time, saves money and prevents human error…

A recent example should highlight the power behind Gann’s research:

Stock code AAPL Apple Computers.

On the following chart we see the daily bars for Apple. I chose this market for two reasons, firstly, it is the largest market cap stock in trading today, being the first to reach 1 trillion dollars. I do have an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air…so I guess I am prone to favour Apple products.

The second reason? Simply, Apple was not even remotely close when Gann was alive, Gann’s death in 1955 was at least 20 years before Apple was started. So this undeniably proves the value of the techniques in trading markets and can’t be dismissed as no longer valid.

The chart shows Gann’s creation of converting planetary speed and rotations into a mathematical price structure. This is easy, any 10 year old with a calculator and the formula could provide this angle in seconds. The red lines are planetary angles, think of these as a trend line based on a predetermined formula, rather than joining two highs and lows and extending them as is done with the normal trend line application. The benefit of this is that we know where the planets will be at any given point of time now or in the future, so with Gann’s formula we know ahead where prices may be support or resistance.

Look at the chart at points A, B and C. Notice how AAPL has touched these lines and then reversed trend or direction. Sure, on some occasions the market ignores the lines but the importance is stressed when the stock hits the lines and then reverses. Imagine the profits you could make if you knew the stock was about to reverse at point B in January 2019 and bought stock with a very small loss tolerance.

Apple and Gann’s trading techniques

Lets now move into the high marked C on the chart around May 1 2019. Here we see the same planetary calculations providing a potential resistance point around $215. But thats not all….Gann at one point stated that the number 144 was the most important discovery he made. Here, undeniably, the high of October 3 2018 marked A on the chart and the high May 1 2019 marked C on the chart are 143 trading days apart.

So, being 1 day from his most important number and resisting the Gann planetary angle, the stock should be sold off and profits banked once the decline becomes proven. This phenomenal technique works equally as well in Forex, Indices, Bonds, Futures…any liquid market has an underlying code that can be discovered and used for exceptional results.

NO Prior knowledge needed:

If you know nothing about Planetary signals, Financial Astrology, etc, then this is exactly what you will need to know. I searched for decades for an explanation to Gann’s work with planets that would help me become a better trader.  Everything I found was confusing, too hard to follow and in many cases didn’t help trading at all as Astrologers are not necessarily adept traders.

All of this education material has been carefully packaged and assembled together so that anyone of any level will be able to view, research and practice for use in their chosen area of the market. These instructions are simple step by step learning process, visual examples of tools applied onto charts and what they indicate for traders.

FREE Backup and Support for LIFE:

From time to time you may need assistance or guidance in your studies. It is great to know that should you need help it is always available. I will be happy to help when and as required for as long as you may need it, for life if necessary. Simply send an email with your query and I will answer it as soon as possible, you will have an answer by the next working day. There are no ongoing tuition costs, membership fees, etc

FREE Weekly video reports and Library Access for LIFE:

I also produce weekly updates and examples to keep traders fresh and up to date. These weekly reports are invaluable as I provide different examples on various markets. A great reference library is now open 24 hours a day with past examples of the Gann and Fibonacci tools at work. There are no ongoing tuition costs, membership fees, etc.

NO annual Fees:

As a client you will not be subject to report costs, annual fees, etc. Once you decide to become a member you will only have the one purchase to process and from then on the material is available for as long as you wish to access it. You can add more modules to your current membership at any time. Regardless of your membership level you will always have access to the weekly reports and direct email support.

Pricing and Delivery:

As a complete package you have all of our material at a cost efficient price. Of course you have the benefits and features of Lifetime Support and Weekly reports.The purchase price for the complete Gann Astrology Series is $2795 AUD and is available immediately the Paypal payment is confirmed. However, some traders may have begun and understand the basics and are now looking for the more advanced studies.

To assist traders at different knowledge levels, we have separated the complete package into two units:

Part 1 is $995

Part 2 is $1995

The complete Gann Astrology Series package is $2795

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