Gann Astrology Series

Unique, remarkable and stunningly effective…Gann’s planetary cycles are superb

Introducing The Gann Astrology Series

Gann Astrology for traders is material from W.D.Gann, the legendary trader and astrologer, who believed that there was a powerful connection between the movements of the stars and the movements of the markets. By studying astrological charts and aligning them with market data, Gann was able to make incredibly accurate predictions about market movements and trends.

What sets Gann Astrology apart from other trading methods is its ability to tap into the hidden forces that govern the markets. By analysing the movements of the planets and the cycles of the universe, Gann was able to identify key turning points in the market and make profitable trades.

Gann astrology has been tested and proven over decades of trading. Many successful traders swear by his methods, and with good reason – Gann’s ability to predict market movements is unparalleled.

Now you can tap into the power of the planetary cycles and take your trading to the next level with Gann Astrology. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this powerful method can help you make informed decisions and maximize profits. You will soon see for yourself why Gann’s use of astrology is the ultimate trading tool!

In my opinion, after all my research, the Planets definitely influence markets, a fact I will prove beyond any doubt in the training videos.

In my early research I have read literally hundreds of pages of material devoted to making Astrology work, but in almost every case they fall into the one major mistake that Gann warned against. Astrology, by itself, is not the answer to successful market analysis. Lets review his clue from an interview he did in 1919:

“That is why astrology fails, for nothing can be accurate that is not based on mathematics – and so few astrologers are mathematicians.” – WD GANN  1919 

So here we have a very typical cryptic clue that Astrology and the numbers behind it are the key. Now these instructional videos will prove the mathematics which are simple to learn yet extremely powerful. It is important to stress that we are not learning Astrology per se, we are focusing on learning tools to improve our trading results.

In this practical trading guide, we explain the tools then show real examples of the concepts on trading charts:

Part 1:

  • Chapter 1 The Planets
  • Chapter 2 The Zodiac
  • Chapter 3 Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 4 Retrograde illusion
  • Chapter 5 Helion Transits
  • Chapter 6 Seasonal dates
  • Chapter 7 The Ephemeris
  • Chapter 8 Price by Degrees
  • Chapter 9 Planets to Price
  • Chapter 10 Price by Degrees continued
  • Chapter 11 Market Analyst 8/Optuma
  • Chapter 12 Eclipses
  • Chapter 13 Geocentric vs Heliocentric
  • Chapter 14 Seasonal Dates continued

Part 2 continues with more in-depth analysis:

  • Chapter 15   Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 16   More Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 17   Helion Transits
  • Chapter 18   Gann’s September Wheat Trade
  • Chapter 19   The Moon
  • Chapter 20   Planetary Angles
  • Chapter 21   Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 22   Price by Circle
  • Chapter 23   Time by Planetary Degrees
  • Chapter 24   The Other Tunnel Thru the Air cover
  • Chapter 25   The Final Word
  • Bonus Chapter  Gann’s Wheel of 24 
  • Bonus Chapter  Time by Aspect ( Wheel of 24 Part 2)
  • Bonus Chapter  Negative Time


The Gann Astrology Series is simple easy step by step instructions on video so that you can learn at your own pace. These are the instructions that Gann left in letters and on charts, painstakingly decoded from his cryptic clues and explained in simple basic format on charts in our modern, volatile markets.

Why does Gold react to Jupiter Mars signals? Why does the Dow Jones Index and Mercury dance in perfection? What are the incredible signals that Saturn and Mercury give years in advance to highlight major market reversal dates? Why does Hang Seng  ( Hong Kong stocks) react to Neptune so accurately and reliably? Why did the GBPUSD forex market make a major high in July 2014 and how could we have known this would happen over 20 years ago?? Only The Gann Astrology Series can answer these for you in plain simple understandable terms so that you are ready for future setups.

The instructions show you how to calculate these signals manually but we thoroughly recommend Optuma software which has these tools already created and functioning perfectly. It saves time, saves money and prevents human error…

The complete Gann Astrology Series package is $2795 AUD and comes with:

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Each week a new report will be delivered to the website to give you an up-to-date example. I will send you an email when this report is ready for viewing on the website. Where possible, you may wish to recreate the chart and this way you get used to applying the tools and can see clearly the fabulous opportunities.

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You are very welcome to send in any emails requesting further guidance or assistance in any area of your study. These emails form the basis of our ongoing weekly reports and meetings and we encourage all our members to ask for assistance as and when required.

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As an additional measure of support, you may now wish to access Zoom meetings every month. The meetings are exclusively for all owners of the Trading DNA series and/or the Gann Astrology Series. The current schedule is for the last Saturday of the month (excluding December, of course) starting at midday Brisbane Australia time and should last no longer than 2 hours. The meeting will be recorded for future references in case you cannot join live. I will send you an invite to join the meeting, though you must have downloaded and installed the Zoom app on your PC, tablet, smartphone etc…

These meetings are invaluable for you to keep up to date and to learn from other traders’ experiences.

Use the power of Gann’s fabulous Planetary Cycles in your markets today, you will wish you had done this years ago…