January 2022

January 2022

Hello everyone, welcome to the Zoom meeting January 29, 2022. For those who attended the live session, I hope this was enjoyable and enlightening. We will have some real challenges in 2022, but for those prepared to do the research and learn these fabulous Gann tools, the rewards will surely come.

In our meeting, we first looked at Australia’s greatest Ponzi scheme to date. This was perpetrated by Graeme Hoy under a company called Chartwell Enterprises. The irony is not lost on me, “Chart” “well”…obviously not!

I found this article in the Australian Financial Review archives, and I implore you to read it from start to finish. Grab a cuppa, read the whole story, its a compelling article of real time money losing mantra including egotism, over trading, stop loss placement, refusing to accept responsibility…everything you should not do in one article.

To read or download the article, click here.

Count Back script

This month we explore a very simple but powerful code in Optuma, the Count back script.

To write the Trading day or Bars script:

V1 == LAST(V1)-49

For the Calendar days script:

V1 == LAST(V1)-49

Pivot script

Pivot high script:

PivotHi = PIVOT(MIN=15, DIR=Both, TYPE=High);
PivotHi > 0

Pivot Low script:

PivotLo = PIVOT(MIN=15, TYPE=Low, DIR=Both);
PivotLo <0

You could copy and paste this but some browsers think the minus sign is a hyphen and don’t recognise it as a math equation, so best to type it into the script window.

You can download todays workbook click here

The Bible Interpretation PDF is here, this is the book I am rewriting and cleaning up graphics, etc but you can download the original now, click here

Please note that the recording is not a recommendation to buy or sell any market, and was made without intention to provide advice or recommendations on any market. It is purely for education purposes into the techniques and strategies created by W.D.Gann.

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