“In 1954 I studied with the late W.D.Gann. I wanted to learn the art of speculation from the master of the time…”

The previous quote is from Joseph A Rondinone, who was a market trader and speculator trading commodities. In 1948 he traded soybeans, lard, eggs and rye…and Gold. He was the last trader to study markets with W.D.Gann before he died in 1955. Rondinone was a successful market trader and some of his insights are compelling reading.

In a very rare publication which was passed on to me, Rondinone discusses in detail his trading method. Its a remarkable insight into a successful trader who got some obvious clues from Gann.

This is a document you will need to study Line by Line… do not simply read it and think you have got it. I can assure you that will not work. You may have to re-read it several times to grasp the enormity of one of most important sections within this document.

Print it out, highlight the important notes then read it again.

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The reports will now cease until next year. I will be checking my emails from now on until the reports recommence late January 2019. You can send in any email which should be answered within 1 or 2 days.

I wish you all a very happy Xmas break. 2019 is going to be infamous for all the wrong reasons, if you have done your research the money is about to come pouring down….
Best wishes to all,

Alan Oliver.

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