November 2021

November 2021

Well, this was the last meeting for 2021 and what a year it has been .Next year promises to be very volatile as inflation and interest rates prepare to set challenges for traders. There will be some tremendous opportunities for Gann traders, and in saying that we need to understand that it is up to each of us to enhance and maintain our knowledge and understanding of trading tools and tactics if we wish to compete and flourish in the months and years ahead. I will be delighted if these Zoom meetings are in some way a small part to achieving your goals in the future.

Some important features of our November Zoom meeting:

Michael Colantoni has reached a milestone in his production of The Simple Trader book and video series. You can see more details on a separate page…click here.

I have been redoing some of the scripts from the last 2 years following enhancements of Optuma. You can download a PDF of the new/amended scripts… click here

Trevor Bird has provided a great kick start to Optuma scripts with some advancements to the standard Optuma scripts. To download an example….click here…and visit here

For this months Zoom you can download the workbook, remember to Import the Workbook via File menu in Optuma after you download it…click here

The Zoom meetings will restart again January 29, 2022…and until then I wish you every happiness and success for whatever you are doing.

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