October 2021

October 2021

This month we look at my ANZ trade and why it is necessary to watch a current trade for threats to our position. In my trading I want to ensure my stock is heading in the same direction as the underlying index it is in. Just a filter I have adopted over my years in trading. Then we look at Michael’ Colantoni’s review of Indices within the US which is a small preview of a project he is undertaking which should be released shortly. Next we look at an explanation of False Breaks and how they can trap unsuspecting traders and how we can avoid them and actually profit from them. Finally a review of Digital assets and why Ether could become more significant than Bitcoin.

There are pages within the workbook that contain graphics that may not appear when you Import the workbook. These are available in a folder by clicking on this link: Download the graphics

You can download the workbook here remember to Import the workbook in Optuma : Download the workbook

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