September 26, 2020

September 26, 2020

This monthly report we look at the essentials of trade entry criteria. Many traders have over-complicated their analysis and today we break down to the simple core of Gann’s successful trading mantra: Time, Price and Pattern. Of course he had many variances of these elements, all the way to numeric psychology to Astral calculations, but there were several books and writings which outlined the simplicity of entries and exits.

One of the main reasons for Gann’s fame was his ability to forecast, well ahead of time, the highs and lows in future trading. This is an extreme method which requires several years of dedicated study and research. It is not something that comes quickly or easily, hence many will start and eventually submit to defeat. Today, we look at a primary entry into the fascinating world of Forecasting, starting with finding the months which historically have the most volatility, and then to the Square of 9 which demonstrates the otherwise invisible relationship between numbers.

In the recording this month, when demonstrating the Excel formulas and data preparation, Zoom let me down as the video and audio became horribly out of sync. There was, in some sections, complete sections of video missing but the audio continued which meant it was virtually impossible to watch the demonstrations clearly needed to complete the task. I have now re-recorded the relevant Excel section with clear, step by step instructions on what to do in Excel. If you own Excel, you should be able to follow these steps. If not, please get in touch and I can guide you further.

You can download the workbook for the video here, remember to save the File and use Import the Workbook from the Optuma File menu: Click here for Workbook

You can also download the Excel spreadsheet for the Forecasting lesson here :Click here for Excel workbook

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