The Simple Trader

The Simple Trader, a video by Michael Colantoni

From Michael Colantoni:

What are these videos about?

I have spent the last 40 years involved with the financial markets, initially as an interest, then as a sideline and finally, for the last 18 years, as a full-time trader. In that time, I have made every mistake that a trader makes, and I have learned what trading really is.

To be a trader, you need to understand the philosophy, the science, and the art of trading, and you need to be aware of the psychological aspects of trading. Leave out any of those and you will eventually fail.

If you are a technical trader then you also need to understand what chart reading and analysis is, how to think when studying a chart, how to be aware of your bias and blindness when looking for the critical factors on a chart, and where your power lies. You need to understand simplicity before you can successfully apply sophisticated and esoteric methodologies. You need to have a simple process for identifying charts that are worth analysing and have a properly worked out process for approaching that.

There’s an old saying:
“You don’t know what you don’t know.”
This applies particularly to trading. If you are unaware of ideas or methods that could improve your experience of trading, and the results you get from trading, how can you achieve the outcomes you would like to have. Not only don’t you know those things, but you don’t know about them – in other words, you don’t know that you don’t know them.

This can only come from research and education. The simplest way is to find someone who has been there before you and that has done all the research and education, as well as gained all the experience. Then that person can distil all that into its simplest and most useful form and pass it on to you.

That’s what I set out to do. I’ve read the books, experimented with the different approaches, made all the mistakes, understood the art, science, philosophy, and psychology of trading, developed the ideas, and come up with what I believe all technical traders should know, think about and include in their trading.

My focus is on simplicity and power. I looked for the ideas and tools that provide the most power with the greatest simplicity. I concluded that simplicity must come first, and simplicity must always be the foundation. Master that and then you can overlay all the sophistication you want. But never contradict the simplicity – that’s where the power is.

That’s what I have tried to put into these videos. I set out to put together a comprehensive summary and explanation of the things that are most important and that are not necessarily known by most traders. These are either never learned, or are soon forgotten, or are simply not given the proper emphasis in the practice of trading. They cover a very broad field of knowledge and trading wisdom that takes a long time to learn in your development as a trader who uses technical analysis as the basis of your decision making.

Forty years, hundreds of books, thousands and thousands of charts, thousands and thousands of hours studying, trading, rehearsing, and thinking, has left me with lots of things to say and to share.

I have started to share that with these three videos. The first one is out now and runs for over 4 hours. The others will be out soon. They will run about the same time.

Another old saying is:
“The best way to learn is to teach.”
I have discovered how true that is by writing and recording these videos. It has been a re-education for me. I was also surprised by how much I had to say. I feel that it is important to pass on this insight and knowledge once you have it. Otherwise, it’s been a fairly selfish pursuit. So here it is.

You can purchase video 1 now. Very soon, video 2 and 3 will be released. You will only be able to purchase them if you have video 1. Video 2 will be offered to you at a 20 percent discount because you have video 1. Then, video 3 will be offered to you at a 30 percent discount because you have the other two.

Finally, I encourage you to email me your thoughts, queries, problems, and disagreements related to the videos. In reply, I will produce a fourth video to address all the emails – to add clarifications and other related explanations. This will be offered free to anyone who has purchased all three of the videos.

Finally, there is a pdf manual that comes with each video. It contains the text and illustrations (charts etc) that are in the videos. Each manual runs at over 50 A4 pages. Email me when you purchase a video, and I will send you the manual with your own unique password, at no charge. Then you will have that manual to review even when you are not watching the video. Please do not share the pdf. Your password will identify you.

I look forward to hearing from you once you watch video 1.

PS. I also hope to do further videos in the future. My current ideas are:
Developing, testing and refining a trading plan.
The power of MACD with Stochastic.
Combining the simple tools with Elliott and Gann.
The Power of Confluence.
Your feedback will guide the future work. Let me know.

What do the videos cover?

First, we look at some personal aspects of being a trader.

Then, we look at some useful and important aspects of Analysis that highlight points that I believe should be considered.

Finally, we look at some aspects of the act of Trading itself.

We look at lots of charts and lots of tools, with an original way of looking at the some of the same old things as well new ones.

As you go through the first video and review the manual, keep in mind these most important factors. They are the foundation of Simple Trading and essential to success in trading. Relate what you are reading or seeing or hearing back to these points. They will be explained and clarified as we go along. They are:

Perception and bias (including the Monkey Business Illusion)
Simplicity and Clarity – what is simplicity?
Risk, Uncertainty and Opportunity
Where your power is
Expectancy – your strategy and your Edge
Wanting what the market wants
The Point of Interest
A Confluence of Evidence
The Point of Confirmation
The Point of Contradiction
Trade Management
Chart Whispering.
Risk of Ruin.

These are the main take-aways from these videos.

Never forget, nor ignore, the basics. They are always true. These include:
The trend
New highs and new lows
Range repetitions (“measured moves”- 100 percent and ratios)
Swing structure and patterns
Common Moving Averages (12ema, crossovers, MACD)
The ABC trade (First Subsequent Swing, FSS)
Old tops and bottoms /Support and Resistance (“look left”)
Trend line support/resistance
Consolidations and Breakouts.
Rules (Trading Plan, Business Plan)
Risk measurement and management
Trade management

We cover all of these.

Pricing and Delivery:
The price has been kept deliberately low to allow all traders, new and old, to benefit. The first video is over 4 and ¼ hours long. If you purchase video 1, video 2 will be available at a 20 percent discount, and then video 3 will be available at a 30 per cent discount. The purchase price for Video 1 is $198 AUD. This low pricing is a temporary offer.
The video is available immediately once the PayPal payment is confirmed. You will be sent an email with instructions to access each of the video files. To purchase the files, you should be logged in using your Trading with Gann member login and password.
The video files are available as streaming video at any time you wish to do your research, 24 hours/7 days a week.
COPYRIGHT WARNING: You must not copy these files and/or distribute them to others. Your copy will be digitally signed with a unique reference number when they are being accessed online. Illegal copies will be traced back to the original source.

Who is Michael Colantoni?
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