Alan Oliver’s program on Gann’s Planetary Tools,
are unique and a very valuable asset for any Trader. Ganns work is legendary, these tools Alan presents, gives us deep insight, into why Gann was so successful. They may well be the the best study on cyclical Trading on the market today. In addition Alan offers first class support on this products. I highly recommend this program.


Hats off to the work Market Ananyst has done on the Astro Tools within the charting program. Also a big thank you to Alan Oliver for the explanation of these planetary tools. The dedication and the research of the astrology of Gann to find turning points in the markets, any markets, is now so much easier to understand. An invaluable Tool. A very reasonable price for decades of research.


This is a great video very easy to understand. My first trade was WPL and I made a nice profit.
The backup support is excellent,this video is worth every cent and much more.

I’m writing to thank you for the brilliant way in which you have presented your Gann Planetary Tools course.
I have always wished I could have better understood the planets, however, with your course and Market Analysis
you have now made a difficult task into a simple action with great results.
Since discovering your book and meeting you over 10 years ago I am forever fortunate for the knowledge you pass on to all
your clients in such an honest and giving manner.
I consider support for clients as the ultimate test of a great product and together with “Trading with the Gods” and “Market
there is no equal.

Alan, I have bought many courses, books & DVDs on Gann Astrology but I never really understood them. Now I am working my way through your
tapes and I am loving it. It’s clear and easy to understand. It will take me several repeats but I can see myself using these strategies successfully in the future. I also bought the Market Analyst Astro pack and to be honest I don’t know how they provide those tools for the price. My only worry is that if this material becomes too widely available the edge I am hoping for will be destroyed so I hope not too many people take it up.
On another, related topic I also want to say that I spent a similar amount of time & money on standard Gann strategies but no-one ever explained them properly. That was until I bought your DNA course and it’s all clear now. Whenever I hear people talking about Gann I say “Just buy Alan Oliver’s course & you will be set”.KM

It is truly amazing how this stuff works, but I have already demonstrated the power and precision of the tools in my own analysis. In fact, I have already more than paid for the purchase price by identifying the low in the Australian SPI futures on the 8th of April. This turned out to be a reversal day right at an Earth Conjunction line and the market has zoomed up relentlessly since then – 230 points off the low so far. Wow, that’s fantastic! I had a 90 degree Square of 9 level to help reinforce the Earth line, but looking back over the history of the SPI showed me that, when the SPI came that close to an Earth line and reacted the way it did, it was almost certain to have a good run. In fact, if I recall correctly, I sent you an email at the time when I identified the setup.
It’s so simple, yet more powerful than anything I have used before. Of course, I will continue to use my other confirming tools of time and price, but this is the core of my analysis from now on. This together with my standard trade management methodology should see
me on the Rich List before too long.
Well done, Alan. I hope you get the recognition you deserve for this work and for your generosity in making it available to us. Obviously, with your knowledge of such a powerful tool, you do not need the income from the sale of the videos. You can just continue to trade this method, as we will.
I want to thank you for the weekly follow up GPL videos. They really help to consolidate my knowledge and show me current examples.
Given what you are offering, I am amazed that you are asking so little in return.
Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work. MC

Wow !!!! What an achievement, congratulations you really deserve every success with these Astro tools. I have studied Gann for many years and would never have made the sorts of connections you have, it has blown me away. I now have to settle down with this new tool and make it integrate with my current trading plan, or vice a versa…
As I have not yet traded with these new options, I will refrain from making any comment on the actual trading benefit to date. However as soon as I am up and running in a few weeks, I will be in a better and more qualified position to have an opinion.
I do wonder though, if down the track you can generate a few Scans using these tools, for us to use, as I am not at all proficient in designing my own scans, and am totally dependent on existing designs. Many Thanks

I have been a student of your studies for over a decade and i thought i had learnt a lot about Technical Analysis, mainly using both Fibonacci and W.D. Gann methods, that is until i purchased the “Gann Planetary Tools” training videos. In just a few short weeks I have learnt so much about “Putting The Cream On The Cake”, i am now happy to call myself a complete and educated trader. The support that I and many others have received from you over many years is nothing short of phenomenal, the phone conversations, the electronic support and the monthly meetings I have greatly valued.
This is a great and important edition to my knowledge base, the investment has already been repaid in monetary terms and the
more i combine these tools into my trading plan the more excited i am for my future trading plans.
I would happily recommend the “Gann Planetary Tools” edition to anyone, especially those that want to become a “complete” trader.
Thanks for all that you have done for me over many years and i look forward to the ongoing learning and revision sessions.
Yours Sincerely

I am truly amazed how well you presented the Gann Planetary Tools. Without the Astro Tool On Market Analyst I would be totally lost.
I found the ‘Aspect’ on the Astro tool most helpful, as it helps to pinpoint where two Planets conjunct way into the future and then notice a change of trend in the share price. Now all I have to do is wait for those dates to make a trade,as simple as that. It works wonders on the Weekly Charts. That is exactly what I was
waiting for,a tool to help me forecast turning points in the Stock market.
Now I can trade on Knowledge rather than on Hope.
As Oprah Says “When you know better, you Do better”. Your Videos are absolutely Priceless. You are a great asset to your students and to Market Analyst.
Your response time to my emails are much less than 24 hours, thanks for that too!!
Have a good day.
Regards, A D.

I am on my third pass studying Alan Oliver’s Gann Planetary Tools course. I have found the format to be very easy to follow. In addition to detailed background instruction including on the cycles of the Universe, Alan gives step by step demonstrations of how to use Market Analyst Astro software for this analysis. This means I am gaining background knowledge of the calculations that are then effortlessly performed using the software.
Just two weeks after receiving the course I have used Alan’s Gann Planetary Tools and my Market Analyst Astro software to support a profitable trade.
Alan is the first market educator I have found in more than 20 years to provide free for life weekly videos of how
his lessons apply in contemporary world markets. These videos including the weekly ‘Gann Planetary Tools’ videos are a significant benefit to my learning processes, I have found.

First of all congratulation for your hard work in Gann Planetary tools .at the begging of my trading I tried all analysis schools which are available but there was something missing . After I learned Gann Tools through your courses , my mentality had been changed and I’m glad now with my amazing results.
At the end I can say Gann Planetary Tools are the piece which completed the puzzle.
Again thanks for the tools and for your wonderful weekly lessons . Wish you the best
Regards ,

I have bought all of your courses and have found them extremely valuable in deciphering Gann’s teaching. I have read Gann’s books and purchased other courses but found them hard to apply. Your latest Astro course is superb, and the application within Market Analysis 8 software (plus weekly reports) is excellent. This will save me years in reaching my trading and life style goals. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work and look after yourself, cheers
Mark B