The Fibonacci Review this week we look at Silver for another fabulous example of Natures code at work.

This chart has a fabulous example of the Fibonacci ratios creating support and resistance, this week we see an example of a several Fibonacci support and resistance levels.

The Fibonacci series of numbers is otherwise known as the Law of Three or the Golden Ratio. These numbers and ratios show the use of mathematics and is found in all and every type of phenomena. It is not surprising then to find the Fibonacci series at work in our fast paced electronic markets, and the trader who looks for and uses these numbers will have a clear and distinct advantage in trading.

The purpose of these reports is to highlight current and modern examples of the Fibonacci series at work in our fast paced electronic world. What never ceases to amaze me is that these Fibonacci ratios and numbers abound prolifically in almost every market. And very often to, so often that if you explore the Fibonacci series with the eclectic work of W.D.Gann I am sure the frequency and the potency of this trading technique will amaze you.

The video explains it all in plain simple detail; I hope you find this as amazing and extraordinary just as I did.

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Best wishes to all,
Alan Oliver.

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