I am in London and Europe for 2 months, August to September 2018. Whilst I am away I will be placing charts and reports in lieu of the normal video reports. I am monitoring my email so please forward any questions you may have to support@tradingwithgann.com.
I will answer these but they may be a day or so late in reply.

Hello everyone,

As I am in London today we will look at the FTSE, the UK index.

Notice the blue arrows pointing down from the top line of the actual chart. This is the script feature within Optuma that allows you to build your own tools and thus be able to scan for specific market reactions or signals.

The blue arrows indicate 144 counts from prior major tops indicated by large Red arrows on top of the bars. These are pivot points, they represent 30 day highs, in other words it is the highest bar for 15 days either side of the red arrow.

From here I created a script to point out when the market is 144 trading days from a pivot point, this occurred on August 8 and the FTSE then produced an Inside Reversal Bar.
This is now a time count and a pattern indicating lower prices.

There are other advanced Gann signals in this chart, but for Fibonacci traders we have a warning of a decline and the next day the market broke the low of the inside bar. Certainly shorter term traders would short this event and make good profits on this move at the last close is some 50 points lower than the low of the Inside Reversal bar.

You can right click on the chart and download it for a better view.
FTSE Daily

Best wishes to all,
Alan Oliver.

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