2 thoughts on “The Fibonacci Review 20190828

  1. Todd Van Hees says:

    Is the calculation correct from the Top of the 31/12 – 19/07 144 bars. With only Saturdays and public holidays excluded the count comes in at approx 171 bars. As the FX market opens on Sunday afternoon does your calculation not include this at all ?

    • alan says:

      Hi Todd,
      Im not sure on your question, the software has definitely shown 144 trading day/bars from Dec 31 to 19/7. The time counts are based on bank hours and normal trading, I’m not aware of major Fx institutions being open Sunday afternoon…which bank/major Fx player is open Sunday afternoon? You may get derivatives or brokers prepared to trade and most probably with very wide spreads, but banks do not open on Sunday afternoon to my knowledge…

      Alan Oliver.

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