The Fibonacci review 20200507

This week we look at AAPL

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  1. Hi Alan,
    I have a query regarding the positioning of the start of the price retracement in January 2019 for AAPL. It’s obviously a major low, however I’m wondering about the retracement in June 2019, which came back 61.8% as well. Because it retraced so far, past 50%, will that have any bearing on where the retracement should commence? Regards, Peter Bailey

  2. Hi Peter,
    I always remember that Gann kept a record card of all major highs and lows and levels between them. So you may have a top and a low in between another top and low and any combination of tops to lows can create support or resistance in the future. With Optuma we can create layers and/or hide some tools whilst displaying others so it makes the job easier. In my own plan I will use the major significant tops and lows and then follow the dominant trend as per the Gann swing chart. Easier to track this way.
    Hope this helps,
    Alan Oliver.

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