The Fibonacci Review 20210409

This week EURUSD…

They say a picture tells a thousand words…in my kind of business I often think a picture makes a thousand dollars !

If you look at the picture below, knowing that the Fibonacci Series has a place in trading, then you have a whole new world of opportunities at your fingers. The Fibonacci numbers in sequence create regular reversal points in all markets from time to time,. The numbers relevant for today are…8,13,21,34,55,89,144… and so on. Now look at the largest currency exchange market where billions of dollars change hands every day. The top September 1 2020 to the next top Jan 6 2021 is 89 trading days apart, the market has been sliding ever since.

Will you be ready for the next big move up or down? Perhaps the Fibonacci numbers will again be a major factor in a reversal like this, so keep your counts active and up to date and watch and be amazed…

Best wishes,

Alan Oliver.

(Click on the chart for a bigger picture)

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