Trading DNA 20210409

This week EURUSD…

Hello everyone,

I am doing heaps of research over the Easter break, so this weeks report will be short and sweet but still very pertinent to the world of trading.

As per the Fibonacci review, the time count method perfected by Gann needs to be practiced religiously and respected in every market you trade. The Fibonacci count from top to top was marvellous, a really classic example of Gann timing. We can see on our DNA chart an example of Gann cycles, this time the 147 count from low to low is repeated with so much accuracy that it defies belief. But, for the acute and practiced Gann trader this is a typical occurrence that most traders don’t see and therefore gives us a huge advantage. Its what you do that others don’t do that sets you apart and makes you shine in the art of trading profitably.

Best wishes to all,

Alan Oliver

(Click on the chart for a bigger picture)

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