Trading DNA Package

These are the videos that I wish I had available to me when I started trading

These are the videos that I wish I had available to me when I started trading.

By watching these videos, it gives you the ability to see an explanation and watch its application on a chart. Its like looking over my shoulder and seeing it applied and analysed on various markets. This reduces the learning curve dramatically as the tool’s power is revealed. These videos are streaming content and will run on any PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet…you can watch them anywhere, anytime that suits you. The complete Trading DNA package comprises the following modules:

Video 1 Introduction:

Here we start our journey with some simple instruction as to the content and how to study it. Some tips on making the most of the material and instructions for viewing.

Video 2 The Swing chart:

Gann did not invent the swing chart, yet this simple market trend analyser tool removes some of the basic errors most traders continue to make. Gann had this tool as a core of his trading right up to his death in 1955. This swing chart identifies trend and direction, has its own patterns, identifies ranges and time frames and can be used on any market and in any time frame. I have created my own patterns from this chart resulting in fabulous opportunities. In a very short period of time you will find this swing chart an essential part of your analysis. If you click on the image of the swing chart you will see a quick video giving you just one of the fabulous revelations from this tool. I have called this chart ” The King of Charts” because of its simplicity yet extremely powerful signals. This section is available separately, as detailed above in the King of Charts and Three Gold Keys.

Video 3 Chart Patterns:

In this video I set out the basics of chart patterns used by traders to find market opportunities. A review of the standard industry patterns and include some of my own market patterns, unique and unavailable elsewhere. These patterns have been learned through 30 years of market trading and testing. Some of these unique patterns are incredibly simple yet extremely powerful. Gann’s Key Reversal pattern is outstanding in its simplicity yet it remains a very strong indication of future direction. This one pattern alone could create incredible opportunities and sounds clear warnings of market reversals.  

Video 4 The Square of 9:

The Square of 9 is one of Gann’s most challenging tools but we have broken it down into two easy stages. Part 1 covers Price and the numeric table of Squares and Opposites. You will soon understand why this tool is capable of highlighting potential turns in a market and will become a powerful advantage in trading. Part 2 covers the Time aspect of the tool and reveals an entry into Gann’s work with Astrology. This is a unique way of measuring time by 360 Solar degrees as opposed to 365 calendar days. An essential part of Gann’s formidable forecasts and a section not to be understated. You can click the SQ9 graphic for a quick video introduction. This section is available separately as detailed above on this page.

Video 5 Price:

Many traders think they understand Price as a market indicator but our research shows there are many ways to measure a price indicator. Gann created several ways to find Price targets, support and resistance levels and these measurements are essential for Gann traders. Price forms an integral part of a winning trade analogy and the Gann tools will identify many turning points that other traders will not see until much later after the turn or reversal has occurred.

Video 6 Time:

W.D.Gann was the first trader to recognise that Time is a factor in market reversals. Most traders relied on Price alone and this tactic can be measuredly improved when Time is incorporated. Markets will not move or change direction until the time is right to do so and Gann used several different methods to measure Time. We explore his Timing factors in simple detail and explain these timing mechanisms on current market charts so you can see the technique and replicate it in your own market.

Video 7 Gann Fan Angles:

Gann again develops another amazing tool which is used to measure Time and Price in one easy step. This tool creates remarkable opportunities when applied correctly. Gann identified this technique as ‘Squaring’, a unique way of balancing Time and Price to find potentially very strong reversals.This was a key tool for me in identifying the September 11 2001 market crash, as explained in my book Trading with the Gods.

Video 8 The Fibonacci Series:

The Fibonacci series, sometimes known as the Golden Ratio or the Law of 3, is a key part of my trading activity. I have amazed many traders with the results from this tool even on huge Forex markets. Reactions to Fibonacci levels can lead to incredible trades. Many traders may be aware of the Fibonacci retracement tool, it is a common standard industry tool. However, Gann stated at one time that the number 144 was his greatest discovery in trading, and this number is an exact Fibonacci number. The lead he left was that the numbers themselves can be very significant in both Time and Price. For well over 15 years I have produced a weekly Fibonacci report demonstrating examples of Fibonacci in Time and Price creating significant and tradable reversals.

All of this education material has been carefully packaged and assembled together so that anyone of any level will be able to view, research and practice for use in their chosen area of the market. These instructions are simple step by step learning process, they should be researched first before beginning the more complex studies.

FREE weekly updates and new reports on different markets to show current examples.

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Pricing and Delivery:

The purchase price for the complete Trading DNA manual is $2495 AUD and is exceptional value as the KOC is $995 and SQ9 is $995 so traders get 5 extra videos for $500 !!!