Fibonacci for the Modern Trader

The Fibonacci numbers have been the subject of intense debate and discussion since the dawn of civilisation.

Sometimes referred to as the Golden Harmonic Ratio or the Law of 3, these numbers have an important place in Natures method of measuring expansion and contraction.

What is truly amazing is that whilst Fibonacci documented this code in the 12th century, the architect and builders of the Great Pyramid in Egypt also used the code in the construction of their magnificent buildings.

This is nothing new and has been well documented before now. But the question remains:

Does this have anything to do with market trading?

Now, in plain simple language and in step by step explanations, proof is finally documented that the Fibonacci series in Price and in Time is very real across all arenas of market trading.

Every trader wanting to make excellent returns must learn and understand this incredible code.  This video explains this important technique step by step for traders of any level of experience. The video covers Foreign exchange, Stock markets, Futures, Indices…any market can be traded using the Fibonacci series as part of your trading plan and most cases the Fibonacci series will alert the educated trader to opportunities well in advance of the standard industry tools.

What separates the Great traders from the general public?

The difference between the successful trader and the hopeful aspirant is


The smart traders have been around for a long time, honing their craft and learning what works and what doesn’t work. They know the tools that create opportunities and they practice diligence, patience, money management and strict market analysis. They do not deviate from their plan and they use their KNOWLEDGE to separate the trading traps from the real opportunities.

The more you know, the more you understand, the better and more profitable your trading becomes. It is literally as simple as this. Thats why some traders make fortunes whilst others wish they could. It simply comes back to what we know and how well we know it. If you want to be a great trader, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes, it is KNOWLEDGE that separates the good from the great.

The new video Fibonacci for the Modern Trader takes you into the realm of the educated trader. Here you will see, simple step by step instructions on charts displaying the methods and analysis. Then every week we create a new follow-up video report to keep you focussed and on track. Of course you are automatically enrolled to use our first class support to send in email questions and have them answered by the next working day.

Most software packages today have Fibonacci tools in them. We are delighted to recommend Optuma by Market Analyst who have created the leading Gann software package. Fibonacci for the Modern Trader steps you through the tools and tips that save hours of work and displays real opportunities in seconds.

You can get started today on your way to join the √©lite set of traders who have the KNOWLEDGE to make  opportunities into real spending income with your access to Fibonacci for the Modern Trader. This video has over two hours of examples, simple explanations, charts, techniques, strategies, software tips…A complete list of chapters and charts is available to recap when you want to revisit a particular section.

The video menu is detailed below as minutes and seconds into the video:

Opening Credits

1:54 What are the Fibonacci numbers
3:18 The Law of 3
4:41 Who was Fibonacci
7:13 The Fibonacci Fractions
9:10 The Great Pyramid and Harmonic numbers
10:32 Summary so far
10:53 The Retracement Tool
18:44 Chart Example: S&P 500
23:54 Chart Example: Gold
26:37 Advanced Settings from W.D.Gann
32:18 Chart Example: GBPUSD Forex
37:08 Chart Example: XJO Index
46:50 Chart Example: Platinum
54:30 Fibonacci Extensions on Chart S&P 500
1:07:00 Chart Example: USDJPY Forex
1:08:00 Chart Example QAN:ASX
1:10:00 Chart example CAT:NYSE
1:14:00 Chart Example DAXX Index
1:16:00 TIME : FTSE Index
1:18:00 Gann’s greatest discovery is linked to Fibonacci
1:20:00 The Number Searcher in Optuma
1:37:00 Creating Folders for Fibonacci tools in Optuma
1:42:00 Chart Example: RIO:AS
1:45:00 Chart Example: CBA:ASX
1:49:00 Chart Example OIL:NYMEX
1:54:00 Chart Example: S&P 500 Index
1:55:00 Optuma Tools on Gold
1:57:00 Gann Day Counts
2:06:00 Chart Example: AAPL: S&P 500
2:08:00 Chart Example AMC:ASX
2:11:00 Chart Example NZ50:Index
2:13:00 Gann’s favourite market Soybeans reacts today to Gann and Fibonacci tools

Also included for Optuma traders is the original workbooks which are displayed in the video. Both the Windows 32 bit version and the Windows 64 bit version are available to download to help follow the tutorial and to examine the techniques in detail.


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