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Below you will find all of the “Trading with Gann” Video Packages. If you are at the start of your journey or need a refresher, then it’s recommended you start with the Three Gold Keys and work your way through the packages, Alternatively, you can invest in all of the packages and receive a discount over buying them individually. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Alan here.

What Makes Alan Different

Looking to take your trading skills to the next level? Look no further than my Gann trading videos.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, I have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you achieve your financial dreams. With my videos, you'll benefit from my extensive experience and gain valuable insights that will help you make smarter trading decisions. In addition to the invaluable knowledge and insights I provide, my videos are also highly engaging and easy to follow. I break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand terms, so you can start applying what you learn right away.
The tools are listed in no particular order and can be purchased at any time and in any sequence.

Day trader 101

It’s been a pleasure and a lot of satisfaction for me in the last 20+ years to help people learn the fabulous trading tools and techniques left behind by W.D.Gann. I know how good these tools are and they have helped so many traders turn losses into profits.

One question always comes up from new traders: “How much do I need to trade with and how much can I expect to make from trading?”

Fibonacci Series

The Fibonacci series, sometimes known as the Golden Ratio or the Law of 3, is a key part of my trading activity. I have amazed many traders with the results from this tool even on huge Forex markets. Reactions to Fibonacci levels can lead to incredible trades. Many traders may be aware of the Fibonacci retracement tool, it is a common standard industry tool. However, Gann stated at one time that the number 144 was his greatest discovery in trading, and this number is an exact Fibonacci number. The lead he left was that the numbers themselves can be very significant in both Time and Price. For well over 15 years I have produced a weekly Fibonacci report demonstrating examples of Fibonacci in Time and Price creating significant and tradable reversals …

W.D. Gann Square of 9

As a trader and analyst, W.D.Gann created several ground breaking tools and techniques. He was the first to recognise that Timing factors were more important than Price movement. He went on over more than 50 years to not only prove this by making uncannily accurate predictions on market movements. In front of an auditor, he set a remarkable record in 25 trading days of 286 trades, of which 264 were profitable, a success rate of 92%. …

Trading DNA Package (includes Three Gold Keys and SQ9)

These are the videos that I wish I had available to me when I started trading.

Watching these videos, it gives you the ability to see an explanation and watch its application on a chart. Its like looking over my shoulder and seeing it applied and analysed on various markets. This reduces the learning curve dramatically as the tool’s power is revealed. These videos are streaming content and will run on any PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet…you can watch them anywhere, anytime that suits you. The complete Trading DNA package comprises the following modules…

Gann Astrology Series

Finally, clear, simple, step by step instructions into W.D Gann’s most impressive trading tools….

History has shown that W.D.Gann created some very unique tools and techniques, yet none has captured so much attention or debate as his work using planets as indicators and signals to buy and sell into markets. W.D. Gann was not only a Mason but the head of a Masonic Chapter or Lodge, and as such he was bound to keep the secrets and knowledge of the Masons. Whilst he maintained his oath of secrecy, he did leave behind some cryptic clues which pointed others in the right direction so that by their own research they could uncover the signals which can create major market reversals…

Three Gold Keys

Gann created some fabulous tools but he started new students on a very basic trend following method using Swing Charts….

This simple but very powerful method of analysing markets can be learned very quickly, and as a Mechanical method it is super easy to use. A mechanical method simply means any trader just looks at the visual clues already evident by the drawn signals created by any modern software package. No guesswork, no applying complex trading tools… the signals are clear, precise and easily identified.

Improve your trading results by combining the power of Gann swing charts and moving averages, Three Gold Keys will help you make better trading decisions and greatly improve your trading results.

The Complete Trading with Gann(all videos)

For some traders buying the complete set makes good sense. You can learn all of the tools at your own pace, build on prior tools and knowledge as you progress, and receive a substantial discount for a simultaneous purchase….

Some traders may prefer to obtain specific sections and the individual sets are detailed below.

The Simple Trader - Michael Colantoni

I have spent the last 40 years involved with the financial markets, initially as an interest, then as a sideline and finally, for the last 18 years, as a full-time trader. In that time, I have made every mistake that a trader makes, and I have learned what trading really is…